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Awesome Over The Toilet Storage & Organization Ideas

Bathrooms aren’t really “living spaces” and most bathrooms are small and rarely have enough storage space, especially if your home doesn’t have a linen closet. It is really a great challenge to create extra storage for bathroom, compared with other space in the home. So never overlook and waste any space in your bathroom to create the additional space for storage, including the the space over the standard toilet tank.

Here we have lots of both decorative and function over-the-toilet storage & organization ideas to flue your creativity. Browse through all these inspirations and make that often wasted area above the toilet useful with our tips and ideas. s

DIY Both Decorative and Functional Bathroom Shelves With Brackets

Instead of having towels, bathroom supplies, decorative or functional, lying all over the place, keep them looking neat and convenient to reach by creating these stylish shelves over the toilet. source

Ruatic Wood Open Shelves Over the Toilet for Country Bathroom Storage

Bring country elegance to your bathroom with this wood open over-the-toilet spacesaver shelving unit. source

Use IKEA Curtain Rods For Over The Toilet Storage

Building an over-the-toilet space saver with IKEA curtain rods gives you additional space for towels, toilet paper and toiletries.

DIY Antique Window Cabinet Over The Toilet Storage

This DIY antique window cabinet offers a convenient addition to a wide variety of home bathroom arrangements. DIY instruction from Liz Marie Blog.

Stylish Shelf Unit Over the Toilet

Add storage and style to the bathroom with this simple soft white shelf unit. source

Over The Toilet Storage with Clear Glass Shelves

This clear glass shelve adds a dash of glamour to the bathroom and fit neatly over your toilet. source

DIY Hanging Shelf Over The Toilet

Industrial Shelf Solution for Guest Bath Storage

Industrial and contemporary look of the shelf over the toilet. source

Above the Toilet Storage Idea with Wooden Shelves and Baskets

Add stylish storage space and organization to any bathroom with with wooden shelves and baskets over the toilet. source

Shiplap Wall in master bathroom with Shelves Over Toilet

Attractive shelves mounted to the walls for extra storage and elegance in the master bathroom. source

Rustic DIY Over the Toilet Storage Ladder

Simple rustic wooden ladder for bathroom storage. A totall DIY version that you can make at home. Perfect for a farmhouse bathroom. source

Wood Box Wall Shelves Over the Toilet

A set of wood box wall shelves over the toilet that can be used for either storage or display. source

Dark Brown Cabinet above the Toilet for Extra Bathroom Space

Fix an old cabinet with open shelves on the wall above the toilet for extra storage for washcloths, or other bathroom supplies. source

Dollar Store Baskets Hanging Over The Toilet

Easy and cheap way to give your bathroom a place to store things like towels and washcloths, toiletries or other bathroom supplies. See the details via source

Dollar Store Blue Baskets With Chalkboard Tags and Fence Board Shelves

Space-saving fence wooden board shelves fit over toilet and finish off dollar store blue baskets with chalkboard tags. source

Hanging Baskets Over The Toilet

These hanging baskets can be conveniently fitted over standard toilet tanks and add easy storage for towels and other bathroom necessities. source

Open Floating Shelves over the Toilet for Bathroom Storage

Add some needed storage space at a minimal expense with these simple and cheap open floating shelves over the toilet. source

Repurposed Ladder Shelf Over the Toilet

Dress up and add needed storage space to your bathroom with this repurposed ladder shelf over the toilet. source

DIY Open Shelves with Metal Brackets

A versatile clever space saving design that allows you to use extra spacing for all your bathroom needs, like toilet paper, toiletries, wash cloths…source

Hanging Window Box Bathroom Storage

Perfect space saver idea for small bathrooms with these hanging window baskets over the standard toilet tank. source

White Spacesaver with Cabinet and Drop Door

An easy and elegant way to organize your necessities and maximize your bathroom’s available space with this white spacesaver with cabinet and drop door. source

A Custom Cabinet Over the Toilet

Optimizes your bathroom space with a custom and versatile cabinet over the toilet. source

DIY Over The Toilet Storage Unit Repurposed From An Old Picture Frame

Repurposed an old picture frame as a space saving storage unit over toilet. source

Modern Over The Toilet Storage with Coastal Vibe

This modern shelf system with coastal decorative pieces on gives you an easy way to add extra storage to your bathroom with a touch of coastal vibe. source

Shelf Over Toilet

This vintage shelf with design allows you to utilize extra space for all your bathroom storage needs. source

Metal Over The Toilet Storage

This attractive metal shelf unit lending a stylish look to your bathroom and also offers ample storage options for the bathroom. source

Pot Rack Over The Toilet For Storage And Display

Store and display your bathroom essentials, towels and other bathroom accessories with this repurposed pot rack over the toilet. source

Wine Rack Used As A Towel Rack Over The Toilet

Creatively use the wine rack to hold bathtoom towels! source

DIY Floating Shelves with Faux Rivets

These DIY floating shelves with faux rivets makes an excellent choice for small bathrooms. source

Floating Shelves above toilet for Toilet Paper, Hand Towels

These simple floating shelves right over a toilet in a bathroom create clever space for towels, toiletries, or decorative item…source

Minimal Floating Shelf with Art & Some Accessories Over the Toilet

A convenient way to gain extra storage in your bathroom with this minimal floating shelf unit right over the top of toilets. source

Baskets and Trays for Over the Toilet Storage Organizations

Keep towels and other bathroom necessities organized and for easily assemble with baskets and trays right over the toilets. source

Over The Toilet Storage Shelf

This clever and versatile bathroom storage shelf over the toilet allows you to utilize extra space for all your bathroom storage needs. source

Master Bath Medicine Cabinet Over The Toilet

Medicine cabinet in soft white finish adds more elegance to style to a master bathroom. source

DIY Storage Ladder

A DIY ladder with wire baskets attached can add some beautiful storage space in your bathroom. source

Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

This bathroom cabinet in an elegant gray finish is perfect for adding storage space over a toilet. source

Ikea Floating Shelves

IKEA floating shelves are the perfect pieces for your bathroom! It adds a great deal of space along with a beautiful modern style.

Black Floating Shelves

These elegant black floating shelves make an eye catching display in your bathroom and add perfect character and flare to your bathroom with modern industrial look. source

Offset Shelves Over the Toilet

These offset multiple shelves are the perfect units to help organize and store your bathroom items out on display. source

Over The Toilet Storage Wall Mount Opening Shelves

These wall mount opening shelves work great to store toilet paper, bath products, or other decorative pieces… in your bathroom.source

Wood Crate Wall Storage Over the Toilet

These wood crates work as a functional display, perfect for over the toilet in a restroom. source

DIY $15 Chunky Wooden Floating Shelves

These chunky wooden floating shelves provide a convenient way to add useful storage in almost any bathroom. Simple and inexpensive to make with about $15. source
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