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Easy Craft Ideas to Have Fun with Your Kids

Craft making with your kids can not only develop the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination for your little ones, but also improve the relationship between you.

Here we have tons of creative kids craft ideas that can incorporate lots of fun and learning. If you don’t feel like putting on a raincoat and galoshes, and don’t know what to do, stay occupied inside with these easy and fun crafts with your children.

DIY Painted Stones and Rocks

A great painting art craft to develop your litter ones’ imagination and have lots of fun! Tutorial: New Craft Works.

Candy Hearts Shaker Card

Tutorial: Janice Creates.

Glowing Fairy Bottle

Tutorial: Bitz & Giggles.

DIY Paint Scrape Notecards

Tutorial: Persialou.

DIY Jar Mushroom House

Tutorial: Casae Trend.

Chevron Perler Bead Necklaces

DIY Dandelion Tassel Bouquet

Tutorial: Brendid.

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Tutorial: The Chilly Dog.

DIY Mandala Painted Stones

Tutorial: Colorful-Crafts.

Thumbprint Dandelion Kid Craft

Tissue Painted Canvas

Tutorial: Fiskars.

Homemade Bird Feeders

Tutorial: Eighteen 25.

Light Up Mason Jar Aquariums

Tutorial: The Tiptoe Fairy.

DIY Beautiful Curly Paper Flowers

Try different colors of paper to make a colorful bouquet to decorate your home. Happy crafting!Tutorial: Instructables.

Butterfly Garden Mason Jars

Ribbon Flower Headband

Tutorial: Sew MC Cool.

DIY Fabric Fishy Purse

Make these fabric fishy purse at your own with the leftover pieces of fabric. It is really fun and easy to make. Your little ones will love this gift surely! Tutorial: Cool Creativity.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs Using Paper Towels

These tie dye Easter eggs are SO FUN and so simple to make! The colours are bright and beautiful and the eggs are completely safe to eat! Tutorial: One Little Project.

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Love the way they turned out! I love the way they bounce and bob in the wind. The sunlight shining through the bands of colour looks so lovely. Tutorial: CBC.

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DIY No Sew Felt Flowers With Twigs

The perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift. Tutorial: Mommy Moment.

Handmade Pop Bottle Firefly

Gift Wrapping Bows

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