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28 Fantastic Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Walking in The Rain

Melted crayon art is a great afternoon project both for kids and adults. It is super easy and fun to do. You also can create your own form of artwork by melting crayon pieces and shavings with an iron. DIY melted crayon artwork makes great gifts or party favors. Here we collected tons of awesome melted crayon art ideas for your inspiration! Browse thought all these creative ideas and give your favorite one a try!

Sponge Painting and Fireworks

Eye Believe

Silhouette Couple Kissing

Romatic Couple Kissing

Mermaid in a Melting Ocean

Crayon Melting Art with Elephants


Rainbow Crayon Melting Art

Spring Flowers Melted Crayon Art Idea

Melted Seahorse Crayon Arts and Crafts

Melted Crayon Cross Craft

Melted Melting Crayon Dots Art

DIY Peace Sign Melted Crayon Art

Dandelion Seeds Blowing Away-Crayon Melting Art

Crayon Art with Various Paper Flowers

Eye Candy & Fun

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art

Crayon Art

Abstract Music Crayon Art

Pittsburgh Steelers Melted Crayon Painting

Melted Crayon Canvas Art

Mickey Mouse Melted Crayon Art

Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Guitar

DIY Crayon Melting Canvas Art

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