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20+ Easy and Quick St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

As we all know, St. Patrick’s Day is coming.The way each country celebrates is different. In New York, people choose to travel on this important day, which shows their faith traditions and culture. There are other places where people come to watch the parade, from Spain, Ireland, and Melbourne, Australia. Chicago, USA, March 15, 2014, the Chicago River flowing through the city center was “dyed” in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It is reported that as a major part of the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, since 1962, hundreds of thousands of Chicago citizens and tourists gathered on the banks of the river to watch the “green” river. St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish commemoration of the Irish patron saint Patrick’s festival, which has a history of more than 1,500 years. This festival tradition was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants.

As a parent of an American child, in what way will we spend the holiday with our children? Have you considered? As kids are growing up, we have taken a large amount of time in teaching our kids how to use their imagination to create something new or practical. Therefor, Craft projects with our kids has always been a part of our lives. The benefits are as follows: First of all, this activity can give full play to the children’s imagination.Second,when the children are immersed in the production, they are relaxed and relaxed. Last but not least,as the same time,you can also accompany your child. With so many benefits, why not?

Adorable Shamrock Photo Craft

As our kids are growing up we have spent a lot of quality time teaching our kids how to use their imagination to bring out the budding artist and crafter within. Therefor Craft projects with our kids has simply always been a part of our lives,.Make this adorable shamrock photo craft to your child for a festive keepsake! Via Simple Everyday Mom

St. Patrick’s Day Jokes For Kids

People always decorate their bedroom with yellow and green in st patricks day . Then we use the same color to make a craft! I guess, the children have a strong interest in novelty. So, make a clown with your child. A very simple tutorial is suitable for kids to operate.Simple Everyday Mom

Clover-Shaped Paper Fan

The lucky thing for St. Patrick’s Day is the clover. What a wonderful piece of paper St. Patrick’s Day crafts made with children! Fold the paper into a clover-shaped paper fan like the one below. In the summer that is not too hot, we can use it instead of an electric fan. Of course you can also hang them on the door or on the wall! Will also be praised by your friends!Red Ted Art

Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls

Does this craft look very special? A fantasy figure. In fact, the material produced is the packaging of the toilet paper. If you want to try it too, you can work with your child to find out how it should be made.

Leprechaun Hat Craft

As you can see, this is a leprechaun hat craf. You don’t expect it can be used like this — storage. For example, the key to your door, the TV remote control in your home, the air conditioner remote control in the lobby. Is there any motivation for this handicraft that stores small objects? Take action!Do not hesitate!

A Balloon Adorned with Clover

Many young people now have many balloons in their wedding rooms, but most of them are red. If you want a green balloon, you can make it on this day. This is a very simple craft. You can cut out some clover-shaped pieces of paper, then paint it with a green brush, and finally glue it to the white transparent balloon.

Record the Artwork Of the Child’s Growth

This is a simple artwork. No matter how old your child is, you can do it with your child. You can find a green paint, then you can pick up the paint by hand and press it on the white paper. In the same way, by three palms, a clover shape is successful. She can also record your child’s growth.

Shamrock String Art

In front of you is a handmade product made up of needlework and nails. This one features a vibrant green shamrock against a white and gold striped background.This craft must be eye-catching. What are you waiting for?Visit Darice Craft’s blog,you can get it!

Shamrock Bouquet Made of Paper

I don’t know if you have seen bouquets that it isn’tmade with flowers.Make a St. Patrick’s Day version with paper shamrocks in a festive color palette. If your kids want to make it,you can choose visit Sweet and Lovely Crafts for the full tutorial.

Paper Shamrock Art

Look at this shamrock wall art by Sweet and Lovely Crafts. For a beginner crafter,it is an difficult DIY. When we look closely at this lovely Crafts, we will find that the production process is not so troublesome.

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor Sign

Want to take it for a St. Patrick’s Day spin? Check out Darice Crafts’ blog and you will see a smart and lovely Craft. It is charming wood tag sign. Do you think it is very creative?

Perfect St Patricks Day Crafts

At first glance, do you not know what this is? hat? Decoration? neither! It is an extraordinary piggy bank! Made with an inverted can and a short ribbon. If you also use the festive representative clover to embellish it, it is even better.

Lucky Vase

Are you tired of the traditional vase aesthetic? Then take a look at this. It is a vase made of wool around a can. To make the vase look brighter, we can attach an orange ribbon to the vase and attach a card. Then you can buy some of the flowers you like and just insert them in the bottle.

St. Patricks Day Home Decor Project

This is a very successful decor project. The materials you may use are easy to find, such as glass, cans, straws, brushes, white paper, green ribbons. As long as you look at the web links I provide, I guess the crafts you might make are even more eye-catching.Home Talk

The Art of Beer Bottles

Green gives a fresh feeling and if you look at green more, your mood will be better. In addition, studies have shown that looking at green is also helpful for vision. Then come and create with your children! Green beer bottles are the most common and you can use it to show your imagination.

Sweet DIY Shamrock Crafts

You only need some cute straws, a card, scissors and a pen or pencil to complete the design. To be more advanced, you can use a metal green gift wrap. They are the perfect way to add a festive atmosphere to the St. Patrick’s Day.

Some Small Wooden Clips

Hese are some small wooden clips. Almost everything you see on the market is made of logs, without any decoration. In order to make the wooden clip look better, you can write on it or draw some clover. Really beautiful! Clipping photos with a decorated clip will make your room look more refined.

A Perfect Key Ring

Look for some green fabric and cut it into a clover shape. Then we sewed two pieces of clover together and stuffed some cotton inside. Don’t forget to sew a ribbon between the two cloveres to enhance your sense of use. If you think this is too monotonous, then you can sew some flowers on the clover. Such a perfect pendant was made successfully.

Simple Shamrock Crochet

Crochet is very interesting! You may wish to try to make it. If your child is big enough, you can teach her to weave the clover with wool. If your child is too young, I don’t recommend you to teach her to prevent damage to her skin. However, you can weave it yourself and use the clover to decorate the frame with your child. This suggestion is feasible!

Festive Gloves

The happy holiday is coming, and it happens to be the weekend. Do you want to make some interesting things with your child?Adding some embellishments to your outdated gloves is also an interesting thing. At the same time, your child will be willing to use this once-outdated glove. Is it a waste utilization?

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