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35+ Beautiful Shabby Chic Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Shabby chic or vintage decoration style are very popular and appreciated by many people these days. They are lovely, romantic and feminine in appearance and also easy and cheap to achieve with or without a budget. You can merely combine items you have at home, even old, vintage finds and worn out stuff, timeless pieces to create this kind of shabby chic charm.

If you have the intent to redecorate or even renovate your home, dining room is indeed the perfect spot in the house to try out new styles.

For a dining room with shabby chic style, you can add some rough wooden pieces, old-fashioned furniture, shabby chic walls, rustic wooden chairs. Flowers, candles, wooden tableware, frayed accessories and even furniture will add extra charm. White, pale pink, light gray…are the recommended colors for decorating. If you are just looking for more inspirations for your dining room decoration with this style, stay here and read on! Here are tons of beautiful furnished shabby chic dining rooms for your inspiration below. Enjoy!

Shabby chic style dining room with crystal chandelier and fresh flowers arrangements. source

Vintage shabby chic – vintage white floors, tables and chairs…

All vintage white shabby chic dinning area with a wall shelving system.

Totally farmhouse chic dinning area with clean and elegant look.

Floral themed shabby chic dining room. source

Farmhouse wooden dining table and old-fashioned crystal chandelier….source

Dreamy white shabby chic dining room. So pretty, dreamy and charming!

Shabby chic dining room with fresh and clean look…source

Simple white shabby chic dinning area with cabinets. source

All white shabby chic dining room. source

Whitewashed shabby chic dining room with a touch of rustic warm. source

Romantic dining room with beach themed decor.

Elegant shabby chic dining room with lace table cloth and vintage crystal chandelier. source

Shabby chic dining room with lace curtains. source

White romantic, shabby chic dining room by making use of a lot of whites. source

Vintage shabby chic dining room with lace tablecloth. source

Love all the white shabby chic look! source

Shabby clean look with the simple addition of pink. source

White dining room with rustic chic chandelier. source

Farmhouse dining room. source

Shabby chic dining room with fresh flowers in mason jars and gorgeous chandelier. source

Rustic Dining Area.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Dining Area.

Shabby Chic Dining Room with Lace Table Cloth and Vintage Crystal Chandelier.

Shabby Chic White Ruffled Slipcovers. source

Romantic shabby chic country dining room.

Shabby chic eat-in kitchen or dining area.

Shabby Chic Dining Room With Dishware Display.

Shabby chic dining chair cushions and framed wall artworks. source

Elegantly and beautifully furnished shabby chic dining room.

Romantic pink and white themed shabby chic breakfast nook by windows. Fresh pink flowers for table decoration! All in love!

Recommended color scheme for shabby chic dining room is white or very light gray. Whitewashed tablecloth, old doors, rustic chandelier….really add rustic warm and charm.

Small shabby pink dining area with dishware wall display and crystal chandelier.

Romantic pink and white shabby chic dining area beside windows. Clear, brignt and cozy…

Modern meets shabby chic in this elegant dining room. Rusic chairs, wooden tableware really add charm.
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