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40+ Cool Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Today’s teenagers pay attention to design and keep up with the latest trends. But they struggle between childhood and adulthood. Most teenagers have their favorite toys and are not ready to give them up yet, but are looking for a room older and more sophisticated than the one they had in their childhood.

Teenagers’ favorite way to spend most of their time is to use their room as their mini, self-contained apartment where they can spend most of their time comfortably. No matter the size, teenagers’ bedrooms need to have enough functions that can make them stretch their bodies, finish their homework, play with their friends, rest and sleep, and reflect their personalities at the same time.

The idea of a teenage bedroom should include specific functions, their age, as well as looking good.Adults prefer quiet, low-key Spaces, while teenagers prefer vibrant, vibrant rooms.Remember the following teen bedroom ideas.

Teen bedroom ideas should include functions provides specific to their age, as well as look great. While adults — a space that’s reflux and understated, teens appreciate the vibrant,High energy bedroom. Keep the following teen bedroom ideas in mind.

Girlish Bedroom

Most of the girl between the ages of 13 and 14 has a girlish heart, and yours is no exception. To make the child joyful, you can give her a picture of something like a pink room

Bright Color Combination And Perfect Decor Ideas

Fresh green wallpaper and Windows make the room brighter than before.The red sheets are beautiful, too.To make the color of the room more harmonious, you can hang a few red picture frames on the wall.

Unique Bedroom

Not all girls like pink, I think blue is also a good choice. Blue represents a kind of youthful , lively and upward spirit. The feeling that blue gives a person is very unique and want to make oneself become the wisdom in that piece of blue ocean.

Teen Girl’s Room Resting Corner

It’s really beautiful to have small floral patterns on the white sofa. Add the photograph frame on wall again, added a few minutes luxuriant to the room undoubtedly.

A Room Full of Mystery

In people’s mind, black gives people a terrible feeling, but not always, there is a mysterious feeling under this room.Since wall paper is black, that we use white chimney, white quilt, white small store content ark, can neutralize so black.

Lively Bedroom

If your room is not big enough, you can design it this way.This room makes the best use of its space.Although it has small space, it has complete functions.There are places for rest, storage and entertainment.You can also use this green color, which is very fresh and suitable for little girls.Green is made up of blue and yellow mixed in half, so green is also regarded as a harmonious color. It symbolizes life. Give a person fresh, vigor, up, vibrant sense.

The bedroom with Dye-In-The-Sky Individual Character

Don’t you think this is a very personal bedroom?The cloth strip on the top of the shelf is very fashionable, accord with the child’s psychology.The wooden shelves embedded in the walls make good use of the space.You can place alarm clocks, books, picture books and so on.What else are you doing?

Gentle Color, Suitable for Study Room

Choose soft palette colors for teenage girls’ bedrooms, which give a sense of quiet.This room is suitable for study.There are bookshelves, clocks and big desks.

Soft Yellow Paint on The Wall

Pastel yellow painted walls, stylish gallery walls, white goods, polka dot pillows…Comfortable, beautiful, chic!Will be every girl’s dream bedroom.

Bright Bedroom

White is the most original color, it will increase the brightness of the room. White double deck wooden bed, very fashionable. To young, you choose this bed, won’t trample thunder absolutely. The savings room is also large, with cabinets along the walls that can hold many things. That way the room will look less cluttered. Three Windows on the wall add brightness to the room.Do you like it?

Treehouse Bedroom

Sometimes, bright-coloured and dazzing adornment style also is loved by teenage girl.Let your imagination soar, decorate your bedroom as you like.A fake tree like this is your only choice.The lights on the trees are also cleverly designed.What are you waiting for?

Teen Girl’s Room in Red,Blue & White

If your teen daughter is tired of her bedroom decor and wants to update to something a bit more grownup, a red,blue and white theme is a very versatile decorating plan.

Wooden Arrows And Different Lights

You must think it’s a very fancy bedroom decoration.Indeed, the most eye-catching parts of the room are DIY wood wall arrowheads and ceiling lights.This lamp adds a few points to the effect of the room.

Cute, Pretty and Functional

Decorated with the little girl’s favorite pinks and blues to the room, should be most of the teenage girls want to have. It’s lovely and beautiful. Of course, the function is also complete.Can’t wait to decorate your room?

Bubble Hanging Chair in Teen Girl’s Room

The hanging chair you see at a glance is what teenage girls like.When you want to read an extra-curricular book or listen to music, you can lie on a sling chair.

Dream Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Do you feel the same way, purple is a synonym for dream?At the same time, the utilization rate of the room is very large, which is the most important thing for parents.

A minimalist bedroom

The beauty that simple bedroom shows is not simple.The pictures on the walls and the furniture in the room are familiar to everyone.On the score of the good coordination, it can also win the little girl’s favor.

Rainbow Bedoom

A room like this rainbow can hold a little girl’s heart. Although the room color is diversiform, but it matchs very perfect, won’t appear very messy.

The Practical Idea of a Small Room

Even if the room is not big enough, you can still design it well.As in the picture, the mirror can be placed in the corner.Some books can be placed on shelves set into walls.

Worm Bedroom

Beautiful orange girl bedroom design concept is average person dare not try.And Orange is a bright, cheerful color. It is the warmest of the warm colors.

Chic Bedroom Wall

There are strips of cloth in all colors on the wall. They are connected by a rope.Black-framed pictures and colored lettering are also eye-catching.If your child likes this style, you can design this bedroom with him.

Cheerful Bedroom for Teenage Girls

This pillow design will make sure you wake up feeling great.Get ready for a new day.
If you like the look and their front panel art, you can do this.

Simple But Not Boring Bedroom Design

A clean white or neutral base is the ideal teen bedroom!Choose classic white furniture with elongated silhouettes, as this will help reduce clutter.The fiery pink, pastel lights and prints, as well as the tactile sheepskin on the chair ensure the modern and childlike feel of the space.

Pink Second Interview Bedroom

The design concept of bedroom of pink retry is teenage place love.Double bedroom design is very popular recently, very fashionable.At the same time, this design is very practical for teenagers.This is also a great and ideal design choice.

Fluffy rotating chairs and Fabulous Fuzzy Wall

This fluffy swivel chair should be a favorite of many girls.The swivel chair is very comfortable to sit on.At the same time, the wall looks very pleasant.When you see this wall, all the unhappy things will be forgotten.

The Refined Zebra Bedroom

This is the bedroom of the refined zebra.The quilt is striped, like a zebra’s fur.This stylish bedroom has wire-patterned mirrors, printed decorations, covered beds, photo frames…Everything blends together nicely.

Fan Shaped Bed Back

The head of a bed that sees fan at a glance depends, can say is whole room the most chic design. Orange-red is also one of the little girl’s favorite colors. There is a shelf design on the wall beside the bed, which can put some small ornaments, such as vases, incense, mirrors and so on. There seems to be a window next to the table to make the room brighter.

The bedroom that warmth harmony protects eyes

The decoration of this room feels comfortable and spacious. Have you noticed the light on the ceiling? This kind of lamp should be the majority of teenage girls like, yellow light has a sunset feeling, very warm, very harmonious. At the same time, yellow light is also very protective.

Yellow Bedroom with Wall and Pillow

As your child grows up, yellow is definitely the color you should start using.I’ve always said that parenting experts don’t recommend yellow for young children.The reason is that yellow is a vibrant color that encourages children to be overactive.But what about in the teenager’s room?You can definitely use it, especially yellow shadows in the sun.

A Creative Swing or Hanging Chair

The color of this room is beautiful and gives people a fresh feeling. The most prominent one is his hanging chair, which is made of transparent material, which is very special. The colour of quilt and curtain have a few minutes likeness, collocation is very perfect.

A Fun And Bright Girls Bedroom

A fun and bright girls bedroom makeover along with tips and decorating ideas for kids’ rooms to help your create the perfect space for your child!

Floral Surf Boards in the Bedroom

The most beautiful part of this bedroom is the surfboard behind the mirror. This decoration is very fashionable.I like the design of this kind of glass door very much, the sun shines in, it is warm and comfortable.I can’t wait to add a glass door to mine.The purple wallpaper is nice, too.

Use Bright Flower Sheets To Encourage Optimism

Full of energy, fun and girly, this teenage girl’s bedroom is saturated with color and is destined to make your kids laugh.This space gives a feeling of maturity, but it is not too serious, because some ornamental flower decorations add unexpected effects.

Teen Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

How pleasant it is to sit on a small stool by the window and listen to music or look at your favorite books. The pink bed, the blue carpet, looks very comfortable. There are pictures of little feet on the wall. How harmonious they are!

A Study Corner In The Bedroom

Bedroom r study space is essential for school or college homework, but that doesn’t mean it must be boring.Marble effect of the lamp and fur throwing adds a luxurious touch to the slender table, which conveniently doubles as a dressing room.

Colorful – Craft – Teenage Girl Bedroom

Interesting prints, patterns and textures can create a bright and brilliant bedroom.If you don’t want warm colors to be oppressive, balance warm colors and yellows with light blues and whites.However, this is an ideal space for your child to play with design options.

Woodland-Inspired Girl’s Bedroom

People who like animals can bring in outdoor activities with colorful forest wallpapers or stickers on the walls.It is a good place to sleep and play, because there are baskets and colorful boxes on the wall, the room also has enough space to store her favorite toys and games.

Fashion, Chic Girl’s Bedroom

Most girls don’t want to leave this ultra-stylish bedroom with cold monochrome walls and pink pop colors.This multi-purpose hall is an almost perfect space where she can do her homework, relax and have a good sleep.

Arched in The Bedroom

Arch door is now the heat, it is the symbol of fashion. This kind of French window adds integral beauty to the room, sit beside French window relaxed mood, it is the thing that I want to do most. Peacock green curtains, green sofa and blue cabinet are all what I want.

Flower in The Bedroom

Add the background cloth of rainbow color after white bed, it is good choice really. The flower design on the bed cushion for leaning on, the flower on carpet is very comely.

Vintage Inspired Girl’s Bedroom

In the glamorous girl’s bedroom, ornate wrought iron beds are adorned with ruffled quilts in pastel lavender hues.The lamps and lanterns of drape added bedding, white wall brings bright, fresh sense to the room.

Do You Like the Feeling of Sunshine

There is a window on a yellow wall. On a sunny day, sunshine can come in through the window.What could be more cheery than waking up in a room soaked in sunshine?Go ahead and design according to the picture.