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Easy Weekend DIY Projects to Improve Your Home

Every home owner would want their home look great and be worth more, but not all of us have enough money to invest in our homes and make it be the way we would like. In fact, you don’t need to break the budget for your home improvements. There are many things you can do on your own to increase the value and look of our home.

Trying DIY projects are an easy and fun way to add value to your home. It not only can save you much money, but also add much more personal style to your home. Just with a bit of imagination and DIY working skills, you can create hundreds of projects, whether for your home storage, or for the home decorating at the fraction of the price.

Here we have collected tons of easy DIY projects that you can complete over a weekend together with your families or friends. Give them a try and you will be surprised how them turn your home around.

Beautiful Bottle-shaped Concrete Vase

Concrete vases can be very sturdy, durable! It is modern, natural accents for your outdoor living space for a budget-friendly price! See how to make your own one via Hallo-Piepmatz.

Repurposed Craft Paint Storage Box

Repurpose the wine crates as a brilliant craft paint storage box with a bit of imagination and woodworking skills! Tutorial: Remodelando la Casa.

DIY Medallion Wall Art from an Old Shelf

Don’t have enought money to invest for your home decorating? Try this great DIY project out! Create a medallion wall art by repurposing the old shelf around your home! Tutorial: Artis Beauty.

Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

Don’t trashing your old boxes so quickly! Upcycle them by glueing fabric to the outside to create pretty and stylish fabric covered storage boxes. Check out the tutorial via Making Home Base.

Coloring Book DIY Name Plaque

Make this personalized DIY name plaque with leftover coloring pages! It is so pretty for your walls. Get the tutorial via Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

Create this elegant and modern pendant light at the fraction frice from the market with the leftover cardboard and a little bit of creative thinking ideas! Tutorial: Poppy Talk.

Vintage Colander Planter

Turn trash to treasure! Don’t pass away the old and unsed kitchen colander so quickly. Try to give it a new life with this creative planter idea. You will surely be surprised how it turns out for the addition to your home decorating. Tutorial: Sadie Season Goods.

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder

Create a key holder out of wood slab! This is really an easy do-it-yourself project for you to do with your kids together. You can let your kids paint and you add the hardware. It will be a fun project for a rainy day! Tutorial: The Crafted Life.

DIY Personalized Wooden Sign

A fun afternoon DIY project for your home! Great for your farmhouse decor with a bit of rustic warm! Tutorial: Family Food and Travel.

DIY Birdcage Lamp

Repurpose the old birdcage into this stunning and elegant lamp for your bedroom. Tutorial: Blesser House.
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