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40+ Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs

Nail design or nail art is getting so trendy today in beauty and fashion world. Every woman wants to have beautiful, attractive and elegant finger nails. Professionally done nails are simply stunning and they will complete your elegant look. The beautiful finger nails actually impress men most. According to a study, most of the men who were interviewed during this study agreed that they liked women with well-maintained and manicured fingers.

You can get nail designing in a nail salon or nail bar where a professional can provide you with the design that you want. nail salons/bars have become very common places even in many towns and high streets with the increase in nail designs and nail art popularity. Of course, nail salons or nail bars are not the only choose for having the professional nail designs. If you have the skills at designing, you can also create simple yet attractive nail designs at home with right tools, like sponge, nail art brushes, dotters and so on. Doing nail designs at home is much cheaper, you can also create the very unique and creative designs in your own style.

December is the month for Christmas, month of celebration. There will also be many holiday parties for you to attend. Schedule your appointments so that you won’t be nervous without need. When choosing nail designs for Christmas, there will be various designs for you. Snowflakes, reindeer, sparkles, lollipops on the nails, Christmas tree…are the most popular ideas for you. Red, green and gold are the most festive nail color scheme for holiday nail designs. Here we have rounded up tons of festive nail art designs for Christmas. Hope you will enjoy and get an idea of how to do your manicure for holidays. Enjoy!

Reindeer Head Nail Art

Bauble Accent Nail

Christmas Tree Accent Nail Art

Grey and Silver Snowflake Nail Design

Tie Bow Red Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art for Long Nails

Navy Blue and Silver Nails Accent with Snowflake

Reindeer Head Christmas Nails

Christmas Tree Nail Art Design

Matter Nail Design for Winter and Christmas

Christmas Wreath Accent Nail Art

White French Tip Nails for Christmas

Gold Glitter Grid Nail Designs

Navy Blue Coffin Nails for Christmas

Wine Red and Gold Glitter Snowflake Nails

Christmas Grid Nail Art

Xmas Candy Cane and Snowflake Nail Designs

Snowman Nail Design for Winter and Christmas

Simple Snowflake Nail Design for Christmas

Snowflake Christmas Nail Ideas

Candy Cane Christmas Nails

Blue and White Snowflake Nails for Christmas and Winter

Bauble Christmas Nail Designs

Santa Xmas Nails

Black and Glitter Christmas Nail Art

Candy Cane and Snowflake Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Ideas

Christmas Acrylic Nails

Green Christmas Tree Nails

Red Christmas Nail Art

Silver Christmas Nails

Red and White Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Santa Claus Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Tree Nails for Christmas

Snowflake Nails with Blue Nail Base

Wine Red and Silver Christmas Nail Ideas

Navy Blue and White Nails with Snowflakes

Grey Nails for Christmas

Red Grid Nail Design for Xmas

Red and Gold Glitter Nails for Christmas

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