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34 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make

Halloween is just around the corner. Both boys and girls alike love to decorate and get their hands dirty and busy for Halloween costumes and decorations.

Today, in this post, we have rounded up tons of DIY Halloween projects that are fun and easy enough to involve children of all ages. From DIY Halloween Haunted House Made from Milk Cartons to toilet paper rolls Halloween lanterns, from Wood Block Halloween Family to Felt Halloween Finger Puppets, we have everything here and ready for your little one’s choice. So which ones are going on your list of things for kids to do this Halloween? Browse through all these amazing projects and find a way to scare up some fun with your kids.

Mason Jar Mummy

This mason jar mummy is a fun Halloween craft for both adults and kids! Great to be used as a wonderful DIY Halloween decoration at your home or in your classroom. Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Popsicle Stick Haunted House for Halloween

This popsicle stick haunted house is a great Halloween craft and makes a great decoration that you can keep around year after year! Tutorial: Happily Everly After

Cute DIY Halloween Eyeball Door Garland

This eyeball door garland is fun for the front door decoration during this Halloween season! Fun and incredibly easy to make with our tutorial: Paging Super Mom

Cute Paper Cup Spiders

These spiders are made from paper or foam cups! They are so cute to put reward stickers in and hang in your home as a decoration. So easy for kids to make! Tutorial: Craft Own

Halloween Spider Kids Craft

This halloween spider craft is super simple and only take a few materials to make in no time. Your little ones will have great fun making these scary spiders! Tutorial: My Home Based Life

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Lantern

Get your kids involved in this holiday and fall season with this cheap and easy art project! What you need are a recycled toilet roll, paper, and tape. Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Glow in the Dark Spider Slime

This glow in the dark slime is a great science project for kids to experiment for this Halloween. They are made out of some commom household ingredients. Fantastic spooky Halloween DIY decoration. Tutorial: Youtube

Adorable Yarn Ghost Tassels

A great way to use the leftover yarn in your craft room with these easy yarn ghost project. They will look so adorable when attach in your given gifts or haning together as a decoration for this season! Tutorial: My Name Is Snickerdoodle

DIY Pumpkin Wind Light

Light up some night time fun with an easy DIY pumpkin wind lantern light! Easy and fun to make with a balloon! tutorial: Orange & Mond

Witch’s Brooms Treat Bags

Make these simple and unique gift bags for gifts for Halloween. These are just too cute! Tutorial: Two Crafting Sisters

Neon Green Flame for Halloween

An easy science project for kids to make! What you need are two ordinary household products, borax, aka sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate (most commonly found in laundry boosters and other household cleaning products),Methyl alcohol, aka methanol (commonly used in anti-freeze). Mix them together and see what happens! Tutorial: DIY & Crafts

Witch Hat Surprise Cookies

These little cute witch hat surprise cookies are easy to make with an ice cream cone and a chocolate wafer and then filled with Halloween treats. What a fun and easy idea to do with the kids! Tutorial: Its Always Autumn

Hanging Foam Bats

Another easy and fun Halloween kids’ craft! Kids big and small will love it very much. Look perfect when hanging in your front yard and also add a spooky touch to your holiday decoration! Tutorial: HGTV

Lolly Pop Ghosts

These cute lolly pop ghosts are super easy and make a fun treat for a Halloween party or to send to school on Halloween! Tutorial: One Little Project

Candy Filled Balloon Pumpkins

These adorable candy filled balloon pumpkins are great as party favors for any kind of Halloween party! And they’re so easy to make! Tutorial: source

Candy Corn Vase for Halloween

Fill the clear vase with 3 colors of water beads for a unique candy corn vase for Halloween decoration! Tutorial: Smart Fun DIY

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft

These sticky witch hats are made with contact paper, poster board, and collage materials! Kids big and small will have great fun in this craft! Tutorial: Twodaloo

Huge Black Foam Spider

Decorating your house for Halloween and make it look particularly spooky by placing a giant fake spider outside that is made with materials you can find around your house or purchase inexpensively from a supermarket. Tutorial: spoonful

Spider Web Halloween Kids Craft

These spider webs are the great halloween crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. They are made with popsicle sticks and yarn and turns out really cute! They really make great Halloween decorations for the home or classroom. Tutorial: joann

Spooky Lantern For Halloween

This paper lanterns is a great way for kids to display their artistic talents for this Halloween holiday. It is not just fun, but are also easy to do with our video tutorial: Youtube

Paint Drip Monster Pots

Change the simple terra cotta pots into this adorable monster craft using paint! It’s a great halloween art project for the kids to do. It also makes perfect holiday decoration. Tutorial: Crafty Morning

DIY Halloween Bowling Set

Create these adorable halloween bowling set with cute monster and jack-o’-lantern faces to entertain your guests for this Holiday party. Or you can set them together as a holiday decoration on the mantel or in your classroom. Tutorial: ideas.evite

Spooky Spiders Made with Pine Cone

Make these super easy spooky spiders with pine cones! It is really a fun Halloween craft for kids. Tutorial: Live Craft Eat

Lil Yarn Love Monsters

This fun lil yarn love monsters are not just for Halloween, they can be also great for Valentine’s day or any day! Tutorial: Eighteen25

Adorable Monster Party Favors

These Monster party favors will add a little fun to your Halloween! Every kids will love it very much and also have great fun making it by their little hands! Tutorial: Creative Me Inspired You

Adorable Felt Halloween Finger Puppets

Create these adorable and spooky Halloween finger puppets with your kids this season! They’re super easy to make in no time! Tutorial: One Creative Mommy

Pumpkin Party Bags

Create some orange paper bags with lovely grinning jack-o’-lanterns faces printed in black! Little project will bring a great pumpkin patch to your party. Tutorial: party delights

DIY Halloween Spell Books

Recycle old books that you don’t need into these DIY Spell Books! They will surely add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor. Tutorial: source

Printable Halloween Masks

Let your little ones creating these adorable masks for their own party. Fun and simple Halloween kids craft! Tutorial: MR Printables

Salt Dough Craft

These glittery salt dough monsters are easy and fun to make for kids and will bring a little ‘spooky’ to any home. Tutorial: kcedventures

Wood Block Halloween Family

Make these spooky Halloween family out of painted wood blocks and decorate them as Frankenstein, Ghosts and more. Easy and inexpensive DIY decorations for Halloween. Tutorial: Ribbons & Glue

Yarn Pumpkins Using Balloons

Create this unique and lovely pumpkin with yarn and a balloon! They’d make a BEAUTIFUL centerpiece or mantle decoration, or you could even use them for Halloween! Tutorial: One Little Project

Halloween Haunted House Made from Cartons

Upcycle the milk and juice cartons to build this fun haunted house for Halloween. Great craft idea to get your little ones involved in this holiday decoration! Tutorial: Choose Cartons
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