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70+ Romantic Valentine’s Nail Art Designs

Valentine’s day, also known as valentine’s day, is a national holiday in Europe, America and Oceania.

The origin of the holiday is very many, but generally is the Roman saint valentine was executed, was later designated as “valentine’s day” is more common. In the third century AD, the Roman empire suffered from a general crisis, economic decline, corruption of the ruling class, social unrest and people’s resistance.In order to maintain their rule, the aristocracy brutally suppressed the people and christians. There was a time when valentine, a Christian, was arrested and imprisoned.In prison, he moved the warden’s daughter with honesty.

They adored each other and were taken care of by the warden’s daughter.The ruling class ordered that he be executed.Before his execution, he wrote a long suicide note to the warden’s daughter, declaring himself innocent. It showed his open and aboveboard mind and his deep attachment to the warden’s daughter.AD 270 February 14, he was sentenced to death, later, Christians in order to commemorate valentine for justice, for pure love and sacrifice themselves, the execution of the day as “st. valentine’s day”, later changed to “valentine’s day”.

February 14 is one of the traditional festivals in the west.It is a festival about love, romance and flowers, chocolates and greeting CARDS. Men and women send gifts to each other on this day to show their love or friendship.Dinner dates on valentine’s day usually represent the key to a relationship.Has become Europe and the United States young people like the holiday, other countries have begun to popular.In China, qixi festival, one of the traditional festivals, is also a day that girls attach great importance to, so it is called Chinese valentine’s day.Because of the ability to express common human feelings, countries around the world have explored their own “valentine’s day.”

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner out or a movie at home for valentine’s day, celebrate the love season with these nail art ideas ahead of time. Here, we’ve come up with a number of holiday nail art ideas to help you get into the spirit of valentine’s day.Whether you get a date with your special someone or your family and friends, these great nail art designs will make you wear any type of clothes with you.Take a moment to browse through these great ideas and inspirations and brighten your day for the upcoming valentine’s day with these unique nail designs.

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